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    Cream Puffs History

    Cream puffs are rich desserts that made their debut in the United States in 1880. However, the first cream puff originated in Europe sometime during the 1540s when Catherine De Medici's pastry chef created the baked puffed shells for Catherine's husband, Henry II of France.

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    Chocolate History

    Chocolate originated around late 1700, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding the cacao bean into Cacao Liquor, In 1828 Conrad Van Houten of the Netherlands, developed how to extract the fat from Cacao Liquor, this process resulted in Cacao Butter and then ground into powder known as we know it today, Cocoa for making Hot Chocolate, it was not until the mid-1930’s that duff company of Pittsburgh introduced the Cocoa Powder in Cake Batter, devils food chocolate cake mixes.

    Today we can all enjoy chocolate in many different forms. Thank Goodness!